Red Jasper Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Red jasper is a protective stone belonging to the quartz family, widespread throughout the world and traditionally used for its healing properties. It is a variety of Chalcedony. Already the Indians of America appreciated its important therapeutic properties, as well as the ancient Egyptians.

Even in Russia it was particularly appreciated at the time of the Tsars who used it to enhance their buildings. In general, red jasper was considered a sacred stone with metaphysical powers, capable of protecting the wearer and giving courage and wisdom.

Red jasper helps to strengthen the liver, the gall bladder, the bladder. Facilitates fertility and is useful for combating lung diseases. Prevents the formation of calculations.

Increase the passion towards your loved one. It drives out bad thoughts and it sends a lot of energy and is strongly recommended for holistic operators, masseurs, acupuncturists and pranotherapists because it protects and cleanses from stagnant energies.

Symbolism and Meaning

Red jasper brings joy and serenity. The protective property makes this stone recommended for those who have to resist attempts at physical and psychological violence, can be a help to overcome a sense of guilt. Red jasper gives courage and support, even to bullied children and adolescents. It is considered by many to be a lucky stone that attracts positive thinking and promotes self-love. People who are in a state of apathy can find benefit by wearing this stone.

Red jasper is an inexpensive stone and can be worn as a protection. It also helps “keep your feet on the ground”. It is also recommended for people who need to regain passion and creativity, to those who feel tired of everything and wake up in the morning already devoid of energy.

It also supports the hypochondriacs, as it helps to appreciate the state of real well-being of the body. It can be placed on the desk between the computer and the person who works there, to protect it from electromagnetic waves, such as black tourmaline.

It is also a useful support for those who are working on an important project and therefore need to draw on their personal creative source. Recommended for disorganized people and those who have a tendency to procrastinate. In the middle Ages red jasper was worn as a talisman against ghosts and witchcraft, while American Indians used it to protect themselves from the dangers of the night. Even today in the esoteric realm this stone keeps away the evil spells.

General Properties

Red jasper has been used for many centuries for its properties. It was used by healers to help others, by warriors as protection in battle and by many women to achieve more fertility. The ancient Egyptians connected the red jasper to the fertile blood of Isis. It was set in necklaces to hang from the necks of the dead. Native Americans referred to him as the Blood of Mother Earth. They used it to bring health, ideas and strategies.

Red jasper belongs to the quartz family and has a triclinic crystalline system. The red color of jasper is given by the presence of iron oxide. It is the perfect stone to work on the first chakra.

Strengthens the body, gives vitality and resistance. Using it you will feel more determined, with stability. You will be able to manage your energies with balance, so that they last over time. Helps to define goals and overcome diseases.

To all those people who need to regain their passion, those who feel tired of everything and often wake up in the morning devoid of energy, already bored and sleepy. It is also perfect for hypochondriacs, as it helps to appreciate the state of well-being in which the body is located, without concentrating on annoying sensations that often do not exist. Use red jasper, for example, if you are working on an important project and need to draw on your personal creative source.

Red jasper works directly on the first chakra and stimulates Kundalini. It is also used to perform energy cleaning of the aura. It is considered the stone that rekindles passion and gives creativity. It helps to connect with the earth, which is why it is very appropriate for example during rooting. I recommend using a red jasper bracelet or ring to take full advantage of its properties. Otherwise, use it in meditation or in contact with the skin, it is also good in the trouser pocket.

It regulates the metabolic functions of the body, strengthens and increases resistance, especially in those who are facing a debilitating disease, have suffered an injury or are in hospital. It is said that red jasper helps in the regeneration of muscle tissue and can improve the results of physical training. It is thought to support the circulatory system by detoxifying it. Strengthens the heart and can be useful during anemia treatments.

In crystal therapy it is recommended to those who want to increase fertility, especially to those who are following treatments for assisted reproduction. The common belief is that it helps make a pregnancy stable and promotes fetal growth. It is also a lucky charm to give to the woman who is giving birth.

It is a perfect stone to resist others’ attempts to dominate us and at the same time helps to rebel against cases of physical and psychological violence. It also gives courage to the bullied child. Red jasper is wonderful, because it gives so much courage and support. It is not a simple stone, but a lucky charm that attracts positive thinking and above all self-love.

Its most important use from a spiritual point of view is the awakening of the kundalini, the energetic serpent coiled at the base of our energy system, right on the first chakra. Red jasper is a powerful tuner with the most material aspect of life and with Mother Earth. Helps to correct the unjust situations of our lives. To achieve this, however, it is important to use it in meditation. It will help you to externalize the problems in time, before they are too big to be overcome. It helps not to use the wrong schemes already adopted in the past.

Working with the red jasper in meditation, you can balance the Yin and Yang energies, stabilize the physical energies and take back your “here and now”. Have you ever focused on the present moment, leaving aside every single concern, to realize how good it is to LIVE? Despite all the problems, disappointments and commitments of the day. Concentrate on the moment you are living and being able to access to your endless supply of tranquility and peace. If you can’t, use a nice red jasper!

When you access your special moment, you will be able to get out of hibernation, from the autopilot. You will be connected to reality again and you will be able to appropriate your life with balance, strength and a lot of positivity.

Love and Relationships

Give a red jasper to those people who have lost the passion and the desire to fight, who no longer believe in anything and have let apathy govern their life. Wear it if you want to awaken creativity, if you are looking for help to overcome a sense of guilt.

You can find in this crystal a very valid ally in the most difficult moments, where everything seems uncertain and the time comes to question some aspects of your life.

Health Benefits

According to the legend, in the hilt of the sword of the warriors there was a Red Jasper that made courageous and invincible; in the Rationale, ornament of the great Jewish priest, a red Jasper representing the living god was set together with eleven other stones.

When you bring the Red Jasper your perspective becomes more optimistic by transmitting a desire to live and a deeper connection with the life of the earth, it promotes rooting and solidity, connecting with the earth and nature in all its forms, giving those energies that you they only get by living in deep contact.

It instills strength, courage, determination, a spirit of initiative, makes it tenacious (recommended for company executives), reinforces its defense instincts, instills the necessary strength in facing unsatisfactory situations, indicated to pessimistic people who are easily discouraged by obstacles. The properties of the Red Jasper help to overcome greed, strengthen honesty and push to give selflessly

It calms emotionally and is an excellent jingle (keeping a ball in your pocket has a surprising effect on your emotions), useful for people who are upset or shaking for a while because it allows the person to regain control over their reactions. In ancient times the virtue of neutralizing any type of spell was attributed to the Red Jasper, to remove disturbing thoughts and to guarantee divine protection, in the East they used to protect themselves from spells.

Protects from the danger of feeling too emotionally involved in relationships with other people or things that could harm you. Also useful for people who like gradual changes and for people who are hypersensitive to the energy of crystals and who have difficulty working with them.

Both the Red Jasper and the Green Jasper strengthen self-confidence and will, make the feelings of guilt more understandable and remove them, they should be worn by those who have no ideals and by those who do not have clear ideas about their existence because they clarify their ideas on the way to go in life.

The properties of the Red Jasper bring harmony and unity between all aspects of existence, allowing us to become aware of our divine origin. It increases instinctive intuition and openness to inner guidance, makes it psychically more receptive, provides security in meditation and during astral travel, it helps to relive past events through regression or analysis. The Egyptians claimed that the Red Jasper was the emblem of the blood of the goddess Isis. It increases memory and creativity, useful for artists who work with solid materials, such as artisans and sculptors.

This stone protects from dissonant energies and keeps people away from life energy, it is advisable to wear it in the presence of those who tend to overwhelm us, a stone suitable for therapists and all those who dedicate themselves, through their work, to transmit strength and energy to help others (therapists, masseurs, acupuncturists, dieticians …).

It is difficult to sit for a long time wearing Red Jasper because it will prompt you to move, to do something and to change, to its energy it breathes in, invigorates and stimulates the whole being behaving like adrenaline (when the adrenaline flows you work more hard, faster and with more joy), it is terrific in case of apathy as it eliminates tiredness and does not want it and helps to overcome depressive states.

Red Jasper Stone is a sacred stone for the Indians of America, who use it as protection from dissonant energies and has a rooting action. It brings fire energy to the physical body, stabilizes the emotions, and works on the physical plane.

Red Jasper Stone and Zodiac

As for astrology, this red stone is recommended for ram natives. Red stones in general should be avoided by those with severe physical illnesses or those with obsessive personalities.

Red Jasper Stone and Chakras

Red jasper acts on the first chakra. It is also used to perform energy cleaning of the aura. It is considered the stone that rekindles passion and gives creativity.

It helps to connect with the earth, which is why it is also considered the root stone. Increase sexual desire, increase pleasure and instill passion, ignite passion towards the loved one, can help in all those cases of malfunctioning of the 2nd chakra.

How to Purify Red Jasper Stone

The Red Jasper stone should be cleaned not too often, just use warm water and clean it for maximum efficiency.


The properties of the Red Jasper make it a stone of power and the conquest of personal power, it helps to be realized and to eliminate prejudices or taboos, strengthens faith in ideals by supporting them in making the necessary efforts to transform their intentions, giving extra energy in difficult situations making available unsuspected resources and the energy needed to overcome any obstacle.

It is one of the standard stones for working on rooting problems, it provides clarity on the path one wants to follow, on the ideals to follow and on the choices to be made.

The properties of the Red Jasper are known for their effect of amplifying beauty and grace, useful as a lucky stone of environments. It favors the understanding of the most difficult problems and develops clear ideas about the choices to be made for one’s existence or ideals to be achieved.