Blue Goldstone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The Blue Goldstone is not a grown stone in the traditional sense. But since it is made of natural materials and has the degree of hardness seven, the gold flow is still one of the semi-precious stones.

And its reddish-brown color with countless, golden glittering inclusions in it makes it a very popular gemstone. Brown-Gold grounds us: Learn now everything about the encouraging effect of Blue Goldstone on body and soul.

In today’s text we are going to learn more about the Blue Goldstone and how this beautiful stone can help us physically and psychologically.

Symbolism and Meaning

The Blue Goldstone is made of quartz sand, which is melted with copper or copper oxide in a flame at about 1,250 ° C – and it is only the copper added during the production which produces the most reddish brown color with the intense mica effect. Blue Goldstone is often used as a replacement for natural aventurine.

The shiny semi-precious stone can be polished, sanded or poured into molds and is often used as a versatile gem stone. Blue Goldstone is mainly made of quartz sand – a material that is considered worldwide as an unlimited raw material.

Quartz sand is mainly mined in the USA, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Spain and France. Most often, the gold flow occurs in a reddish-brown color. This is caused by the embedded copper crystals, the glass itself, however, has no color. But there are also other variants – usually in the shades of blue to violet, not quite as common is also green – these copies then get under the name Blue Goldstone or green river in the trade.

There are different legends about how the Blue Goldstone saw the light of day – as well as who made that stone first. Once there were Italian monks in the middle of the 16th century, who discovered the Blue Goldstone in experiments in alchemy thanks to very high temperatures.

On another occasion, it is the Venetian family Miotto who, for the first time in the seventeenth century, managed to establish the Blue Goldstone and to secure the manufacturing rights of the head of state of Venice.

The Blue Goldstone gives us a deep, inner serenity and the gift of simply accepting ourselves as we really are – for under his influence we place less value on the opinions or judgments of others, which in most cases are superficial, are.

This also makes it easier for us to lovingly arrange ourselves with our own little weaknesses. The Blue Goldstone is a great addition especially for the morning grouch – because it provides us with extra power, which often lasts all day, it also has a mood-enhancing effect and also supports our aura on an energetic level.

The Blue Goldstone works best on the Sexual Chakra. On the astrological level, he is assigned the star sign Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. If you own a Blue Goldstone, you should clean it once a month under running lukewarm water and unload in a bowl of hematite tumble stones. To charge, you can put it in the morning or evening sun. Alternatively, it can also be associated with rock crystals that provide it with new energy.

General Properties

The name Blue Goldstone, purple river, green river and Blue Goldstone goes back both on the color of the stone as well as its production. The term glass flow comes from the art of glassmaking. By definition, glass flux is described as a colored, liquid glass to which metal oxides are added.

The chemical composition of different colored glass flow is similar to that of the glass – the material from which blue-flow, green-flow, purple-flow and gold-flow are made. Glass, in turn, consists mainly of the mineral quartz; In addition, the glass melt is added to soda, lead or boron to give the glass hardness and temperature resistance. Depending on the color in which the respective glass flow is to end up, the raw materials are additionally mixed with metal oxides, which are also the reason for the shimmering in gold flow, purple flow, green flow and blue flow.

The color of Blue Goldstone (English: blue goldstone) is a blue that can vary between a medium blue over dark blue to black blue. Typical of Blue Goldstone are small golden speckles, which are reminiscent of the stars in the midnight blue sky. Equally varied is the color of green river (English: green goldstone). There are both bright green river, the basic color of which is reminiscent of peridot, as well as an emerald green is possible or a dark black green – always interspersed by metallic shimmering, green or gold-green acting flakes.

But production should no longer be limited to Italy. In the 19th century, glass flow stones were also produced in Bavaria and Bohemia. Both quartz – the raw material of glass – as well as metal oxides are used for the production of the various glass flux stones. The metals are added to the hot, still liquid molten glass and give the artificial stone not only the color, but also the metallic sparkle.

The coloring metal of Blue Goldstone is copper, which produces the orange-red to red-brown color. The mineral gold finds is not used for gold flow. Chromium is used to gain green flux, while manganese and / or cobalt in the molten glass result in purple and blue flux.

Colored glass flow has always been a stone used for jewelry or decoration. Whether it’s for flattering hands, tumbled stones or jewelry (rings, necklaces, pendants, donuts, earrings or bracelets) – the play of green, purple, blue, orange and reddish brown in combination with the metallic-shimmering insets in the stone is best smooth polished surfaces to effect. Cut to cabochons or pearls, the character of Blue Goldstone unfolds best.

The fact that gold flow, blue flow, purple flow and green river could establish themselves as gemstones is not least due to the properties of the material. Due to the quartz contents, the stones are of high hardness (Mohs hardness 6.5), which are not easy to scratch in everyday life or whose color fades.

Partially, Blue River, Green River, Purple River and Blue Goldstone are commercially available as minerals to buy. The synonyms Goldstein and Aventurine glass make the confusion perfect – because these colored glasses have nothing in common with the natural mineral aventurine.

Love and Relationships

The Blue Goldstone is not going to affect your love life in any way.

Health Benefits

As a non-naturally grown stone, the Blue Goldstone is considered a semi-precious stone. Although it is made from natural materials, it does not grow like its half-brothers and sisters deep underground. A Blue Goldstone is always created by human hands, a rewarding craftsmanship, as proven by its popularity among jewelry lovers. The fascinating gem inspires with its reddish-brown color and its almost innumerable rhinestones. In addition, he has the degree of hardness 7, also a criterion why he may rightfully call himself gem.

Incidentally, the Blue Goldstone’s gold-brown color is due to the infinite number of copper crystals incorporated into it. One could say that the Blue Goldstone is under Divine influence, because it is Italian monks who make this enchanting jewel respecting millennia-old recipes. Incidentally, the exact recipe or production is top secret since the 16th century.

But this much is certain: the main stock of the Blue Goldstone is quartz sand. Good that this is available worldwide and unlimited. Thus, we do not have to give up this beautiful gem so quickly. The Blue Goldstone is an artificially made gem; a natural occurrence could only be answered by the raw materials used. The strengthening of the body’s own defenses and one’s own self-image is one of the particular strengths of the golden semi-precious stone.

From the monks he got the name Sun stone, because its sparkle resembles the rays of the sun. But not only its appearance makes the Blue Goldstone to something strangely mysterious. This semi-precious stone has a very positive influence on psychosomatic diseases. Especially the emotional disturbances, which are based on the fact that we do not feel well in our own skin due to exaggerated beauty ideals, can destroy this stone. No wonder that the Blue Goldstone is also sometimes called a stone of contentment.

Do you rather count yourself to the morning grouches and would you like to change that? Start again with full vigor and good humor, even if he starts so early? Then the Blue Goldstone can only be warmly recommended to you. The mysterious healing stone gives us a special kick after waking up, which lasts all day and provides its wearer with an extra dose of positive energy. Insecure characters should acquire a Blue Goldstone as a permanent companion. He helps his wearer to take what he is. Their own weaknesses melt into lovable quirks and the opinion of others gradually loses its power.

The Blue Goldstone can be worn permanently. Whether you wear it as an amulet on the skin or as a keychain as a daily companion, is up to you. Under the tags, do you notice that your energy level drops take it into the rights and then close your hand? After just a few minutes, your protective stone will take effect and recharge your empty energy stores. If you carry your Blue Goldstone daily on the skin, it may gradually lose its glittering appearance. Maybe you will gradually feel that its positive effect is gradually waning. You are probably not wrong, because the daily skin contact makes healing stones sometimes to create. Its surface wears off and its healing powers become weaker.

On the other hand, you can fight it by regularly giving him the necessary care. Against the dull look it is enough to polish it off with a soft, dry cotton cloth. If you place your golden treasure in a jar full of amethyst or hematite, it will discharge. The sunlight or the energy of the moon does its part to bring your stone back to new, unused energy. Just as a person’s emotional world takes place deep inside, the gems also have emotional abilities that take place inside the mineral world.

Therefore, each of these beautiful crystals is given a certain effect. So also the Blue Goldstone. Although it is a synthetically produced gemstone, it is made of natural raw materials.

Blue Goldstone and Wealth

The Blue Goldstone can help you find balance financially and give you more luck when it comes to money issues in general.

Blue Goldstone and Zodiac

Actually, each of us should carry such a good mood donor with you.

Nevertheless, the Blue Goldstone in particular is assigned to the zodiac sign Scorpio. On the astrological level, he is assigned the star sign Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

Blue Goldstone and Chakras

Chakras are nothing but energy points of our body. They are in direct connection with healing stones; their energy can therefore penetrate through this energy point directly into our organism. The sexual chakra is in keeping with the taste of the Blue Goldstone.

How to Purify Blue Goldstone

If you own a Blue Goldstone, you should clean it once a month under running lukewarm water and unload in a bowl of hematite tumble stones.

To charge, you can put it in the morning or evening sun. Alternatively, it can also be associated with rock crystals that provide it with new energy.


The color of Blue Goldstone flowstone can be compared to the deep dark purple of Siberian amethysts / Deep Russian amethyst. Of amethysts, purple flow can be clearly distinguished by the silvery sparkling mica particles.

Blue Goldstone offers among all colored glass flow stones the greatest variety of colors. Blue Goldstone is contrary to the name not golden, but orange, red to reddish brown. Gold are the intensely shimmering sprinkles.

The production of Blue Goldstone, Blue River, Purple River and Green River Blue Goldstone, Blue River, Purple River and Green River are not minerals that are of natural origin, but crystals that are the result of craftsmanship.

The beginnings of Blue Goldstone, Blue Goldstone and Purple River production are in Italy. In the 17th century, the Miotto family in Venice experimented with glass and various metals to create a visually attractive “gemstone” that the world did not know before. The process was refined over the years, so that in addition to the prototype Blue Goldstone stones were also made in other colors; namely blue flow, green river or Purple River.