White Sapphire Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Sapphire Stone can appear in a variety of colours. The most famous are blue, green, orange, purple, black, dark grey and white sapphire. Of all these sapphires, the most famous is the blue sapphire.

Sapphire is aluminium oxide by its chemical structure. It has a triangular crystal structure. It is in the same family as the ruby.

The name of this stone is most likely derived from the Latin word „sapphiris“ which means „blue stone“.

Nowdays, sapphire can be found in Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Thailand, India, Madagascar, USA, Sri Lanka, China and Australia. People use sapphire to make jewellery. The most luxurious rings, earrings and necklaces are decorated with sapphire. It is a symbol of prestige.

However, White Sapphire Stone can also be used for protection. If you are worried, if you have emotional, physical, mental or spiritual problems, this stone may be useful.

White Sapphire Stone – Uses and Meanings

White Sapphire Stone is a stone that preserves your truth, purity and honour. When you wear White Sapphire Stone you will not lie or keep big secrets. Its energy doesn’t allow that.

White Sapphire Stone reveals the essence of personality and brings out the truth. This precious stone spiritually encourages yourself and enhances your connection with the higher divine mind. The energies within this crystal enhance your nervous state and bring peace.

For people who need strength at work or in other types of endeavour, this stone is a great choice. It enhances leadership skills and gives you a clear mind. You will be able to remember more easily and your motivation will strengthen and increase.

With this stone, you will be more disciplined and wiser. White Sapphire Stone helps you become a skilled speaker. Your words will be heard by everyone around you. Your thoughts will affect the people who listen to you. You will speak loud and clear.

White Sapphire Stone helps you to be sure of yourself and your knowledge. When you think you will feel good and all your thoughts will be productive. Also, White Sapphire will strengthen your bonds with other people.

The energy within this crystal will strengthen and purify your aura. This will help you dive deep into your subconscious. A person who uses this crystal regularly will have a great connection with the guardian angel. White Sapphire Stone will help you reach the knowledge that is not available to everyone.

White Sapphire Stone – Health of Mind and Body

White Sapphire helps to detoxify your body. This means that with the help of White Sapphire Stone you will eliminate poisons from your body. You will be relaxed, healthy and happy. Anyone who has a problem with the thyroid, ears or eyes should get a White Sapphire Stone. White Sapphire Stone is known to help with insomnia and nightmares.

People with ocular infections can be cured with White Sapphire Stone. Likewise, White Sapphire Stone helos with problems with blood vessels and headache. Elderly people with dementia should wear White Sapphire Stone.

White Sapphire Stone is a crystal that brings equality. With this stone, you will establish justice in your environment. Its energy creates prosperity and abundance. This crystal helps those who want to succeed in business. All you have to do is to believe in it. Who dreams, his dreams will come true because White Sapphire will attract positive energy.

White Sapphire Stone eliminated clutter and turns negative situations into positive ones.

White Sapphire – Romance and Love

White Sapphire Stone acts as a soothing crystal. Anyone with painfull memories can rely on this stone. You can easily overcome the pain of losing a loved one with the help of this stone. White Sapphire Stone encourages. You will begin to appreciate yourself with the help of this stone and energies within it. It brings confidence and strength.

With this Stone, you will be honest, loyal and faithful and your partner will respect you. White Sapphire helps you have a clear insight into your relationship and see things objectively. Even when the insights are not positive, you have to be positive because you have just learned the truth.

Once you know the truth, you can take the first step to change things.

White Sapphire Stone brings emotional balance. With this stone, your relationship will become more stable. If your relationship goes through a turbulent period, White Sapphire Stone will help you stay firmly grounded.

With White Sapphire Stone you can get rid of negative emotions. This stone will teach you how to emotionally recharge yourself and how to achieve balance.

White Sapphire Stone helps you learn to love yourself. This stone gives you the strength to accept and to forgive. With this stone, you will be strong and stable. Anyone who has trouble communicating with a partner can get this stone. White Sapphire Stone helps you open up and communicate honestly.

With White Sapphire Stone, you will no longer feel inferior.

How to Use White Sapphire Stone?

White Sapphire is a very popular gem. Its beauty is attractive and it makes it the most beautiful jewellery. You can use White Sapphire Stone as a piece of jewellery.

One who has a White Sapphire Stone may put it on the southeast side of the home to attract love. When you put the White Sapphire on the northeast side, you will be wiser and smarter. The White Sapphire Stone standing on the north side helps you work better.

Also, you will be more productive and you will travel more.

White Sapphire Stone increases energy to flow wherever in your home.

Home and family that have White Sapphire will have a harmonious relationship.

White Sapphire Stone is great for meditation. You can hold it near the crown chakra to release all other chakras. It is enough to hold this stone in your hand for five minutes a day and to chant your mantra to achieve general well-being.

White Sapphire Stone and Zodiac

The Ancient Greeks believed that the White Sapphire Stone was a crystal that corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius. In the Middle Ages, White Sapphire was believed to be the crystal of the Capricorn sign.

White Sapphire Stone can be recommended to Aquarius for purification, but also to Aries for calming passion and anxiety. This stone protects against spells and evil eyes. With White Sapphire Stone you will protect yourself from jealousy.

White Sapphire Stone – Recharging and Cleansing

The White Sapphire Stone has a hardness of 9 on the Moss scale. You can clean this stone with lukewarm water. Some people clean White Sapphire on steam.

You can recharge this stone in the sun but the afternoon sunshine should not be strong and direct.

Additional Explanations

White Sapphire Stone can be associated with the planet Venus. Venus is a planet that symbolizes beauty, love and partnership. The planet Jupiter is a small Venus and represents abundance and prosperity. The value of White Sapphire is associated with attraction, enjoyment, art and married life. This stone has magical elements and meanings.

Many couples buy White Sapphire Stone as a wedding ring. It helps couples experience the maturity and fullness of their relationship. Compared to other gemstones, White Sapphire is not so common. This makes it even more valuable. Its colour is authentic and associates with purity and chastity.

Besides its esoteric properties, White Sapphire also has healing properties in both psychological and literal terms. This stone is useful for couples and especially for women. It promotes fertility and repairs problems of the reproductive system. White Sapphire is useful in dealing with blood flow issues.

The meaning of the White Sapphire mentally has to do with the ability to reject negative thoughts. This stone allows our mind to come to a new point of view and see reality from different perspectives. Also, White Sapphire helps people who have a problem in social life.

White Sapphire Stone on a gold engagement ring is one of the best alternatives to a diamond engagement ring. White Sapphire is the purest crystal in the chemical sense. This crystal has no other elements that will change its colour. White Sapphire Stone is rarely found in nature, even rarer than diamonds. However, they are cheaper than diamonds and are a great option for a wedding ring if you don’t have the money for diamonds.

The most famous sapphires are blue. However, there are other colours, including white. This white or clear crystal is comparable to a diamond because it has some similarities, but there are huge differences between them. White Sapphire Stone has its charm and is special and stands out in comparison to other similar crystals and sapphires.

White Sapphire Stone is a colourless sapphire. Sapphires ate generally recognizable by their beautiful blue hue, however, there are other colours such as green, pink, yellow and white. This stone may look like a diamond or a topaz.

White Sapphire Stone has the appearance of a blurred white glow. Like all sapphires, white sapphire has corundum mineral shape and a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. There is only a diamond in front of it on a list. White Sapphire is a very durable stone. People and scientists believe that this stone has been existing millions of years.

White Sapphire, due to its beautiful appearance, is an ideal alternative to diamonds, at a significantly lower price. The only thing that distinguishes a white sapphire from a diamond is that it doesn’t have that shine.

White Sapphire Stones will help you connect with your soulmate. This stone enhances compassion. With this stone, you will strengthen the bonds you have. This stone enhances confidence and self-confidence.

Buy White Sapphire Stone and you will solve any love problems.

White Sapphire Stone enhances carefulness and leads to the right answers. With this stone, you will be able to show off your hidden talents. Some people do not believe that there is a white sapphire. However, White Sapphire does exist and many people who love gemstones want to buy just this stone. This valuable and precious crystal is a good substitute for diamonds because it resembles them in appearance.

In India, this crystal is called Safed Pukhraj. Anyone with this stone will be blessed with a comfortable and luxurious life. With the help of the White Sapphire Stone, you will improve your financial condition. With this stone, you will attract wealth, beauty and charm. If you own a White Sapphire Stone you can have everything related to the planet Venus and its impact on your life.

The White Sapphire Stone is the epitome of wisdom, good luck and celestial grace. This crystal gives its wearer and artistic expansion and augments his or her creativity. White Sapphire Stone will remove negative thoughts and negative energy and will fill your mind with joy, peace and calmness.

This crystal produces excellent results when it comes to reproductive organ problems. Also, this stone can cure venereal diseases. With White Sapphire, you can be sure that you will become pregnant more easily. White Sapphire Stone strengthens the cosmic rays of the planet Venus. In this way, this crystal brings warmth and love into your life.

If you have a White Sapphire ring, it is best to wear it on your left-hand middle finger (or small finger). Before putting a White Sapphire ring on your hand, you should perform the following rituals.

First, rinse the ring with White Sapphire underwater. Second, rinse the white sapphire ring in cow’s milk. Third, rinse the ring again underwater. The water should be cold, but not too much.

When holding this stone in the house, be sure to light incense sticks. Ideal incense sticks for this crystal and this ritual are White Moon, Lavander, Jasmine and Diamond.

You can use this crystal if you practice Jyotish. White Sapphire is excellent for enhancing the influence of planet Venus in your natal chart and transits. White Sapphire with Jyotish Quality will have a very powerful impact on your body and physiology.

Vedic astrologers claim that natural White Sapphire Stone is the best alternative for diamonds. The only problem is that natural and pure White Sapphire Stone is very rare and limited.