White Topaz Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

According to Pliny, the name derives from Topazes, an island in the Red Sea, in reference to the deposits of precious stones (especially olivine and chrysoberyl) which were then confused with the actual topaz.

According to other sources it would instead originate from the Sanskrit word tapas which means “fire”. Topaz was considered a symbol of courage and wisdom and was used mounted in gold as a protective amulet against evil. Camillo Leonardi in his work Speculum Lapidum of the sixteenth century refers to the virtue of curbing passions, anger, frenzy, lust and melancholy and adds that topaz increases riches and that “makes those who wear it graceful to the principles”.

Topaz: effect on the body Topaz gives off a strong energy that radiates through the central nervous system, improves digestion, has a detoxifying effect on the liver, and stimulates the metabolism and the immune system.

Symbolism and Meaning

Topaz is one of the twelve pectoral stones of the ancient Jewish high priests, as mentioned in the book of Exodus. It is believed that the stones of the breastplate, together with 12 powerful angels, protect the door of Heaven.

The stone helps to maintain a practical point of view in facing life, focusing on the most effective solutions for any problem or situation, without wasting time. The crystal can also be indicated in daily meditation and visualization. It can open the doors to universal energy and give courage, will and strength to make the necessary changes to one’s existence.

Another version of the origin of this is that the name topaz derives from tapas, a Sanskrit word that if translated means fire. It is no coincidence that topaz is linked to this solar and masculine element, which again underlines its energetic strength. In the Speculum Lapidum (16th century), Camillo Leonardi attributes topaz stone with the ability to restrain lust, passions that once again exalt the virtue of chastity that the crystal in question confers, anger and frenzy. He attributed to the topaz the power to raise sound principles.

Other legends speak of the topaz as a symbol of wisdom and courage, an amulet against the evil spells that Jewish priests also seem to know. In Exodus we speak precisely of how the pectorals of the latter were adorned with twelve stones, among which also the topaz appeared. These stones symbolized the 12 angels who protected them.

In the past considered the sacred gem to the god Saturn. It also represented magic, friendship and trust. The sapphire has long been considered also the crystal sacred to the god Apollo. Used during divination, to get a clear and precise answer.

According to the Jews it is a stone that brings prophecy but also wisdom. According to the Persians, at the center of the Earth there was a large sapphire. Buddhists also take it into consideration, as a stone that helps during meditation and leads to spiritual enlightenment.

General Properties

The intense golden yellow topaz, as already mentioned, is called “imperial”. For the Hindu community, wearing this mineral close to the heart gives long life, beauty and intelligence. The ancient Egyptians believed that yellow topaz protected against all negativities, associating the yellow color to the sun god Ra. Likewise, the Romans always linked the mineral to the sun. The ancient Greeks used it when they needed to restore their strength and ensure protection: they were in fact convinced that it could bring them closer to the gods.

Sapphire belongs to the corundum family. The simple blue word sapphire indicates the blue-blue variety of corundum, which belongs to the hematite family. This beautiful stone, particularly appreciated in jewelry, is considered a precious stone. Its formation occurs in magmatic rocks containing a lot of aluminum or in metameric rocks. The blue-blue color depends on iron and titanium.

When there are rutile needles inside the sapphire, we are talking about asterism, or star sapphire. It is a fantastic stone when it comes to finding concentration and letting go of tension at the same time, along with all those thoughts that we don’t want at all. The sapphire helps to find one’s own spiritual path and above all to stay there. Clarifies the ideas, makes the objectives much clearer.

On a physical level the sapphire strengthens the desire for healing, also stimulating the various processes that aim at being well. It is useful both against bowel diseases and against those of the nervous system. Among other things it can be used excellently against insomnia. When the sapphire elixir is used, a very deep purification is obtained. Many crystal therapists recommend it for example when there is a change of season. Sapphire is also used in cases of eye diseases, headaches and general internal imbalances.

On a mental level the sapphire is an exceptionally effective stone because it brings a great order of thought. It gives determination but also a great will to continue on the path of the desires and goals that we have set ourselves.

It also acts as a useful stone in the event of depression, because it can reassure, alleviate certain mental states and negative thoughts. Inspires love for the truth.

On a spiritual level the sapphire indicates the way, it also helps to recognize the gifts that life offers us. Opens to awareness and communication with other planes of reality. Gives extrasensory perception. Helps to examine one’s life in depth.

Sapphire is a stone devoted to meditation and enlightenment. You can keep it around your neck wearing a pendant, you can hold it in your hands or keep eye contact. You can take advantage of the excellent properties of the sapphire if you want to encourage lucid dreams. In this case, place the sapphire near the bed or in the pillowcase, making sure it cannot fall. In Feng shui you can use the sapphire in the room where you work or practice your hobby, so as to increase your potential. It also purifies the environment of negative energies.

In the event of headaches or vision problems, you can use the sapphire by placing it directly on the affected part.

Love and Relationships

The White Topaz stone makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin and gives you magnetic energy to attract others into your life.

Carry this stone close to you and rely on its power to help you conquer the person you like.

Health Benefits

Topaz stone is well known in jewelry, used for the creation of precious jewelry. If a transparent crystal can be defined as a base (although it is difficult to find in nature), the presence of one element rather than another gives it a particular color. You can find red, pink, light blue, green, yellow, brown topaz on the market.

It is much appreciated not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also in crystal therapy for its meaning and many properties. In ancient times it was considered mainly a symbol of chastity and sincerity, given to women about to get married also to wish a long happiness.

Today he is particularly appreciated because he seems able to make the person much more aware of what his real desires are.

A topaz pendant brought into contact with the body will help you keep the inner energies moving, but above all to direct them and be aware of their existence. It is a stone that accompanies an introspective journey and makes people aware of what the effects of a wrong word or action are. Ultimately it is a stone that gives much joy. I advise you to keep it close when you happen to be a little too tense. It is a stone that promotes happiness and renewal, both spiritually and physically.

On a physical level, it seems to favor the resolution of problems such as thrombosis, asthma and endocrine problems. It generally strengthens the whole organism and the central nervous system. Detoxifying effects on the liver and respiratory tract are attributed to this stone in crystal therapy. It seems to be able to keep the immune system active, which is why maybe it was also used in the past as a cold prevention.

It keeps the mind clear and helps you to see life even in its practical aspect, but above all not to look only through the lens of feelings and (pre) judgments. It is the stone for you if, for example, you want to find a solution quickly and then, wait for that inspiration that will allow you to come out of it as winners and realize yourself on a personal level. It will give you the energy needed to change your existence starting from the present.

White Topaz Stone and Wealth

The White Topaz stone should be worn in important meetings and we should always carry it with us when we want to get that extra good luck to accomplish everything we have set for ourselves as a goal.

White Topaz Stone and Zodiac

The White Topaz stone is linked to the Zodiac sign Aquarius. People born under this sign can carry this stone with them and get that extra boost of good luck in everything they do.

White Topaz Stone and Chakras

Keep the sapphire in contact with the skin if you want to get the most mental and spiritual benefits. In the long run it helps you to have a clearer thought, removing negative states of mind.

Bring the truth into your life, teach you to be more sincere. It makes you aware and much more communicative when worn as a necklace at the fifth chakra.

How to Purify White Topaz Stone

White topaz can be discharged after use under running water.


White Topaz Stone gives vigor to the whole body and is useful for preventing colds. Promotes tissue regeneration.

The White Topaz stone gives vitality and good humor, dissolves negative thoughts, strengthens the ability to be fulfilled and helps to face life wisely.

It allows the individual to discover his depth and his wealth, promotes sincerity with others and with himself and pushes to communicate emotions. Reduces emotion and tendency to anger, releases tension.

Topaz makes the subject aware of his own authority and teaches how to affirm it. Because it is connected to the sun and to the solar plexus, as well as amber and citrine quartz, it is useful in cases of depression, insomnia and stress.

The third chakra represents our inner “warrior”, that part of us that struggles and wins, so this stone is a precious shield of firmness and constancy when we have the feeling that things are not going right due to setbacks and difficulties despite our good will.

To obtain visible effects on a physical and spiritual level it is advisable to carry the stone with it in close contact with the skin for long periods or during meditation resting on the solar plexus to dissolve emotional blocks and to balance sensitivity.

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