Kunzite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

Kunzite stone is becoming the most popular gemstone and requested by jewelers and gemstone collectors. With that original pink color that it has, is the perfect substitute for the pink diamond, the stone that gained a lot of popularity among celebrities.

It is able to synthesize the energy so that you have loving thoughts and better communication with your partner.

Today we will talk to you about this stone that will make you feel a pleasant inner peace every time you take it with you.

So, if you are interested, keep on reading.

Symbolism and Meaning

Kunzite is a stone of the silicate family that has lithium and aluminum among its main components. It is presented in pastel pink, but it can drift towards lilac with a diversity of pink hues. This beautiful color is provided by the manganese in its composition.

It is a transparent stone that presents the phenomenon of phosphorescence. This means that it is capable of emitting light in the dark. While exposed to natural light, Kunzite absorbs the ultraviolet rays of light. When you stay in the dark with it you will see how she emits her own light that can go from cream to orange.

You may ever find a green Kunzite stone. This crystalline variety is called Hiddenite but it can lose its green color if you expose it to sunlight. So if you are thinking of making yourself a jewel of Hiddenite I do not recommend that you wear it during the day.

One of the most striking features of kunzite is that it has a multicolored effect. And it is that depending on the angle through which the light enters, you can oscillate the intensity of your pale pink to the most powerful purple.

The price of the kunzite varies depending on its color. And is that the most frequent Kunzite have a very light color. Only as its tone darkens and, therefore, it is more difficult to find, is when its price is markedly increased.

The main deposits of Kunzite are in the United States, Brazil, Afghanistan and Madagascar. Beautiful specimens of this wonderful gem have also been found in Pakistan, Myanmar and Finland. Kunzite is the stone of infinite love and the free expression of affection.

Traditionally, this gem has been passed down generation after generation in the families that were leaving it as a valuable legacy, through a jewel set in gold or silver, or as part of some object where it is embedded.

It is considered a therapeutic jewel because it is capable of promoting understanding, inner peace and mental clarity. It is well known to everyone that the characteristic light pink color of this beautiful stone means peace.

This gem is also an energy stone; so dissolve and eliminate any undesirable energy that you may be dragging in your energy field. It will create a protective shield around you.

Take good care of your precious pink stone because although it has a considerable hardness index, it can break if you put it under heavy pressure.

General Properties

Kunzite is a stone with a monoclinic crystalline system, belonging to the spodumene family. It is found on the market in pink and purple pink. This stone was discovered in 1902 in California, thanks to the gemologist G.F Kunz and it is from him that it takes its name. Besides being a mineralogist, he was also chief jeweler at Tiffany & Co.

Keep in mind, however, that kunzite is mainly used for lithium extraction. Some specimens, however, have gemological qualities.

Kunzite is the perfect stone for those who sometimes just can’t resist the sea of ​​emotions. If you lose control and don’t see the storm coming in early. You live on the spot, you do not particularly like making plans for periods over the week and so you enjoy the present, experiencing every emotion fully.

At the chromo therapy level it is connected to the heart chakra, from the point of view of the crystalline structure in the third eye. If on the one hand it therefore keeps the heart open, on the other it means that there is a greater intuition on the part of its owner.

Kunzite has several beneficial properties in the field of crystal therapy. It can be used either by keeping it in direct contact with the body, perhaps as a necklace, or by placing it on the affected part in the case of painful manifestations. Let’s see what it is from the physical, psychic and spiritual point of view.

Kunzite is used by various crystal therapists because it seems capable, from a physical point of view, of alleviating disorders that affect the nervous system. More than anything, the ones that start right here, like sciatic and neuralgia.

Both are in fact the product of compressed nerves. Not only that, although with great caution, it is also used in treatments for those who suffer from epilepsy or when the person undergoing has suffered damage to the sensory organs. These are probably the most important aspects.

Kunzite also promotes reflection, bringing you both to assess what your real needs are, and those of others. It is important not to step on the feelings and expectations of others but rather to understand them and understand if there is a meeting point.

According to some it is also useful to counteract depressive states. In practice, it is the bridge that connects intuition to rationality.

On a spiritual level he works a lot, after all he is connected with the upper levels of the chakra energy system. It opens you to dedication and sacrifice for the right causes, keeping you focused on your goals. So use it if you have little perseverance in this period but situations require you to make the maximum sacrifice and commitment to achieve certain goals. It teaches you to accept the will of others when it is the right thing to do, you will not always be enthusiastic about it but you will have to learn this teaching to live better.

Wear kunzite if you intend to work on your tendency to always criticize everything and everyone, if you cannot avoid judging others.

Keep the kunzite close, especially in the workplace, if you need to work to keep your concentration high to reach your goals.

Love and Relationships

Ideal to take with you when you suffer from a stage of stress or anxiety. In some areas, Kunzite is known for providing virility to the body and mind. You will feel how your empathy develops, in addition to increasing confidence in yourself.

Health Benefits

The Kunzite stone belongs to the family of the spodumena, there are varied colors, light pink, gray, yellow, transparent, violet and it is not uncommon to see 2 or more colors together in the same stone. It has very interesting energetic or mystical properties that we will see throughout this post.

The Kunzite takes its name in honor of F. Kunz its discoverer in 1902, it is a highly spiritual stone, which grants the gifts of the heart with emotional gifts, enhancing knowledge and spiritual level of its wearer.

It has very varied mystical properties, they work especially well with women, although men can also witness and benefit from their properties. Let’s see which are the most important:

The Kunzite stone makes a protective shield in the aura of its bearer, to scare away and block all bad energies, also protect him from the evil desires and envy of other people.

An important benefit that the bearer of a Kunzite receives is undoubtedly his increase in his artistic intelligence, to enhance creativity and imagination, even if it has never been one of his abilities.

Humility is a gift and undoubtedly one of the most important that we can acquire in this earthly world, the Kunzite has the power to grant its bearer the gift of true humility the virtue of wanting to serve others.

If less selfish and more human, this undoubtedly elevates emotional and spiritual well-being to unsuspected levels, something that goes far beyond the earthly or superficial.

Discipline, that other virtue that is key to achieving any purpose you set, many people find it difficult to develop discipline, for them the Kunzite is ideal, it will provide awareness and understanding to realize some sacrifices that are necessary to achieve that much yearns for

This stone is also ideal for people with the ability to love others with much fervor, but they do not have the capacity to love themselves, the Kunzite promotes self-esteem and helps to develop self-confidence and raise self-esteem.

Finally, another great contribution of the Kunzite for those who carry it, is to be able to achieve emotional maturity, it is especially good for young people who begin to function in life and want to eat the world, they have the strength and the desire for it but They need maturity in thoughts.

Like all energy stones, the Kunzite requires that you carry it with you to protect yourself from bad energies and give you the privileges that I mentioned before, but if you want to protect your home for example you must place it somewhere in your house that is somewhat visible.

Kunzite Stone and Wealth

Do you know the people who always criticize people, situations, and events, things … whatever? Well, kunzite does not serve to eliminate this character aspect, but rather to make it constructive.

It directs the criticism towards the correct use. Those who are not capable, on the other hand, can use it just to make this character prevail.

Kunzite Stone and Zodiac

The Kunzite stone is linked to the Zodiac sign Aquarius and Pisces, and it is also the birthstone of the month of February.

Kunzite Stone and Chakras

It is connected to the heart chakra, so your emotions will be reinforced. Kunzite is the birthstone of February. So, if you were born in the month of love you will feel all its properties with more intensity.

If you look at its exterior appearance, the Kunzite has a large number of stretch marks on its surface. The function of these stretch marks is in the propagation of energy through you at great speed. The energy revolves around the pink stone, so it is very suitable to treat energy blockages and unlock communication between chakras.

As I said before, one of the properties that make this stone a unique copy of Nature, is the color that reflects when light enters. These pink highlights make the kunzite intimately linked with the heart chakra.

I advise you to place your gem on the heart so that it stimulates love towards yourself and others. In this case, it is ideal for people who have experienced a trauma in their life being affected their confidence and self-esteem.

The Kunzite also projects purple reflections. These reflexes directly influence the mind. In such a way that it facilitates self-knowledge and integrates the intellect with intuition and inspiration.

Thanks also to the reflections that I have just mentioned, the Kunzite aligns the heart chakra with the upper and lower chakras.

How to Purify Kunzite Stone?

To clean the Kunzite stone, simply put it under water and gently clean the dirt and impurities on the surface.


If you want to meditate, or clear yourself of bad thoughts, feelings or negative charge, then close your eyes and visualize all the bad things coming out of you, stripping your aura, this while with your right hand you squeeze the stone hard.

Once you do this it will be necessary to clean it, because it has acquired and absorbed all the negative of which you have stripped.

To clean the Kunzite I recommend 2 ways, the most common is placing it in a container and you add enough sea salt above, leave it at least 2 hours and then remove it and wash it with tap water.

Another way to clean this gem is to go to a river and place it in front of the water running from the river, while you grab it with your left hand, visualize and ask that your stone be stripped and cleared of all the negative.

To load and activate it, I recommend that you leave it to the moon for an entire night, but it has to be a full moon. With this you will have your Kunzite ready to use again.