Rhodochrosite Stone – Meaning, Benefits and Properties

The origin of the name of this stone is not known, but it is considered the stone of love and compassion, its importance is such that it is considered the national stone of Argentina.

One of the myths that surrounds it is that this stone was used in ancient times by warriors to keep their family safe. It worked like an amulet. In today’s text, we are going to learn more about its origin, meaning and the beneficial properties it has for us.

Symbolism and Meaning

You have to know that Rhodochrosite is a stone that has been part of the oldest cultures. In fact, it is known that this gem was used by pre-Columbian civilizations while, in Europe, it was barely known.

The Incas, for example, called this stone with the name “La Rosa del Inca” because it was near the house of the emperor. In addition, having a pink hue, acquired this name. Sorcerers used to use Rhodochrosite in rituals to get two people to be lovingly married.

Today, this stone has become popular thanks to its use in jewelry and decorative objects. It is a difficult mineral to find in deposits and, therefore, it is very precious among collectors or interested in gems.

Therefore, knowing the origin and properties of said mineral, we can intuit what is the meaning of Rhodochrosite. Mainly (and as we have already mentioned) it is a gem linked to the world of love.

But it not only refers to the love between two couples but, in general, to the world of the couple and the family.

That is why Rhodochrosite is a stone that is also associated with warrior goddesses, those who wanted to protect both families, women and children. This is why it is also known by another name as the “rescue stone.”

General Properties

One of the most romantic and perfect stones for lovers is Rhodochrosite. It is a mineral that has been used since ancient times and is linked to esoteric and perfect properties to foster romantic love.

Next, we will discover what the meaning of Rhodochrosite is so that, in this way, you will know better all the uses and benefits that this stone can offer you. Keep reading and maximize the full potential of this mineral.

Before we get to know the properties of Rhodochrosite, we will start by knowing this stone better. It is a mineral that is part of the group of calcites and is classified within the group of carbonates.

It has a reddish color that takes place due to the presence of iron in said mineral. We can find Rhodochrosite both in crystals or, also, forming stalactites.

Due to its peculiar color and elegant appearance, Rhodochrosite is a stone that, above all, works in jewelry. Although, also, it is part of decorative objects. It is a very old stone and, for this reason, it is a highly demanded mineral within collectors.

In order to know the meaning of Rhodochrosite we have to talk about the energetic and spiritual bonding that is given to that stone.

In general, you should know that this mineral symbolizes selfless love, respect and compassion for others. Therefore, it is an ideal stone for lovers or lovers.

It is a stone that will help us enjoy positive emotions and be able to repair any emotional pain we have experienced because of a heartbreak. It is a mineral that is ideal to cultivate a more positive attitude and open to love, love and selfless delivery.

In addition to this, here we offer you a complete list with the properties of Rhodochrosite stone that you have to know. It is a perfect stone to reduce negative emotions that may affect our wellbeing.

Energy cleaner: another of the most outstanding properties of Rhodochrosite is that it is a perfect stone to clean our environment and free it from negative energies. Therefore, you will live much more calmly and protected from emotions that may affect your well-being.

This stone also helps us connect with our higher consciousness and open our mental abilities. An ideal stone to live the “here and now” reducing the importance of small problems that may occur in our daily lives.

Rhodochrosite, also known as the stone of love and balance, was known as the Rose of the Incas, and therefore was consecrated in the sacred city of Machu Picchu.

Of all the precious stones, Rhodochrosite is given a curious name: “the rescue stone”, because it is associated with the warrior goddesses that protected women and families.

We can find these stones in Romania (where the first specimen described in 1813 was found), Hungary, Argentina, South Africa and the United States, specifically in the town of Dulce in Colorado. It is a carbonate mineral that is usually found in a color between pink and red. The red or pink color is caused by the presence of manganese.

Love and Relationships

This stone is ideal to be able to change your attitude towards love and cultivate more open and confident emotions towards people.

Rhodochrosite is a perfect mineral to overcome obstacles that have got in your way and that have separated you from the path of love. You will overcome this disappointment and trust again the people that may appear in your life.

One of the greatest use that is given to this gem is especially people who are looking for love, true love since this stone has the power to attract the right person. Not only for the search of love but also to maintain it, if you have a partner, has Rhodochrosite also helped have you strengthened the bonds of love between the couple.

Another very particular benefit that we can obtain when carrying a Rhodochrosite is the fact that it helps us to accept the painful episodes of our lives. It helps us to externalize all those feelings of repression, let off steam and so the pain is more bearable.

Rhodochrosite is an energetic stone refers to the purest and most true love. It is one of the stones that help us to revitalize our spiritual energies to find a balance with ourselves and with our environment. Therefore, Rhodochrosite is excellent to make us see how important it is in life to have a positive attitude to face adversities.

Likewise, the spiritual meaning of Rhodochrosite makes us see that in life the important thing is our emotional balance and that we have an inner peace. And, recently, speaking of the meaning of the stones, we observe that the properties of rhodochrosite are excellent for the moments of greatest sensitivity, when we are most defenseless and vulnerable.

Health Benefits

The properties of Rhodochrosite make it an excellent mineral for the heart and relationships, especially for people who do not feel loved. Rhodochrosite attracts a soul mate. The soul mates are the people who help us understand the lessons of our life, although this is not always pleasant for our good.

In the psychological field, the use of Rhodochrosite is beneficial because it brings repressed emotions to the surface, allowing them to be recognized and dissipated through emotional liberation. In addition, it helps us confront irrational fears, while improving our self-esteem and relieving emotional tension.

The treatment of diseases and ailments with rhodochrosite acts as an irritation filter, relieves asthma and respiratory problems. Purifies the circulatory system and kidneys, and improves vision problems; normalizes blood pressure, stabilizes the heart rate and vitalizes the sexual organs. By dilating blood vessels, it relieves migraines.

Your energy will help you to love yourself and in this way you can free yourself from the need to constantly blame yourself for everything.

It will repair possible “holes” or damaged areas that you have in your auric field, especially in the emotional body, so it will help you free yourself from emotional memories or wounds. It will protect you against influences and negative people thus becoming the most suitable stone for hypersensitive people. It is helpful in all kinds of fears and phobias.

In the past certain metaphysical properties were attributed to it and today rhodochrosite is very popular in healing therapies.

This stone is especially beneficial in blood issues such as circulatory problems, blood pressure, liver and kidneys. It is said that the use of a rhodochrosite pendant used regularly promotes a youthful appearance, as well as the necessary courage in times of great doubt and insecurity, willingness and passion to carry out concrete objectives. In order for Rhodochrosite energy to flow better, it must always be set with silver.

It must be used for at least twenty four hours to begin to feel its healing effects. The use of this stone during the state of meditation is recommended. And also if the encounter with other soulmates is desired.

It is recommended for ailments related to the stomach (solar plexus), and emotional problems (heart chakra). It is a very beneficial stone for people with asthma because it helps filter the irritating substances that cause respiratory problems. It also purifies the circulatory system and organs, especially the kidneys, and in this aspect you can use it as a complement with malachite or copper.

Use Rhodochrosite for Feng Shui always in the southwest direction for love, relationships or in any area where changes are necessary. You will find many varieties for use in decoration. Always try to keep the stone in the center of the space where you are going to place it. Never in corners or in front of doors.

Rhodochrosite Stone and Wealth

This stone can help you gain great wealth and accomplish all of your goals. You need to keep this stone close to you and always carry it close to you when you go to business meetings.

Over time, you can become much more concentrated and focused on your work.

Rhodochrosite Stone and Zodiac

Its greatest benefit is exerted on the thymus gland. And its zodiac sign is Leo and Virgo, (although in ancient times it was the stone exclusively of the Zodiac sign of Virgo).

Rhodochrosite is the stone for those born under the sign of Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

Rhodochrosite Stone and Chakras

One of the great benefits that Rhodochrosite brings spiritually is that it helps the heart to assimilate painful feelings without closing, and undoes denial.

At the same time, Rhodochrosite cleanses the chakras of the solar and basic plexus.

Rhodochrosite is a powerful emotional healer, radiating a very strong energy of Divine love.

Use Rhodochrosite to balance your emotions. Its soft vibrations will clean and balance your heart chakra, thus promoting within you the acceptance of your past without pain or trauma.

How to Purify Rhodochrosite Stone?

Rhodochrosite stone can be cleaned by putting it under the water. You can just use the pipe water and do this every two weeks, no more.


This stone can be obtained in shades that vary between brown and pink and can be considered part or a variety of calcites. On the other hand its spiritual meaning is related to the search for love, emotional balance and tranquility, this is due to its energy properties that I will show you below.

Ever heard a very good phrase that says “Accept is stop suffering” Well, Rhodochrosite I’m sure it will help you understand the deep meaning of that phrase.

It also helps us eliminate negative thoughts from our mind, changing them for thoughts of abundance and prosperity. It also helps develop creativity and imagination skills.

Another important thing is that it expels toxic thoughts or feelings, such as erotic desires of something forbidden, the desire of a foreign woman, intentions to hurt someone. These are toxic feelings that paralyze every attempt at spiritual growth, but you will be able to expel them with the help of this fantastic gem.

It will fill your soul with feelings of joy, eliminate pictures or depressive symptoms, deep sadness and even anxiety. To give you peace of mind and serenity. As for the physical plane, rhodochrosite is used in the therapy of crystals, since properties are attributed to purify the circulatory system and diseases related to headaches and infections.